Dagmar Chili Pitas: The Official Unofficial Mirror

“…and with the microscopic diligence of a Leuwenhoeck submits to the inspection of a shivering world ninety-six facsimiles of magnified Arctic snow crystals.”


Have you ever heard of Dagmar Chili Pitas? It’s twenty years old. It, sadly, went offline a few years back. It is, I can say without hesitation or reservation, the greatest website ever made, at least in my own flawed estimation.

I have no idea who made it. Or why. Or what substances they were under the influence of. It doesn’t matter, I enjoy the mystery. If I had to pick a back story, it would be: Thomas Pynchon got bored and spent two years working on an anonymous website whenever he was drunk.

Although the site is available at the Internet Wayback Machine, I have been anxious, whenever I think about it, that the site will eventually get lost or purged from there. Thanks to this very, very helpful tool, I was able to easily download the entire site and make it available as the Official Unofficial Mirror on my site. Enjoy your symptom!


|  28 May 2020