Apple Watch Series 3 First Impression: Mindblown.gif


This might be the most delightful Apple product I’ve ever purchased. It feels like an inflection point in the story arc of consumer devices. The addition of cellular isn’t iterative. It’s revolutionary. In other words:

Scattered Observations

Little Nits

  1. I was mistaken about AnyList. Here’s a quote from Jason Marr, one of the developers of AnyList: “The AnyList app for Apple Watch syncs directly with the AnyList iPhone app and stores data locally on the watch so it can be used to view and modify lists even when the watch is not connected to the phone. However, the watch app does not currently support syncing over LTE, so modifications to a list that occur while the watch is disconnected from the phone will not sync to / from the watch until the next time the watch and phone are connected." ↩︎

|  25 Sep 2017