More Followup on Sharing Data With WatchKit Extensions

Reader Erich Graham emailed me some more followup on a recent series of posts I wrote about WatchKit extensions. There are new NSNotifications available in iOS 8.2 (since beta 5) that extensions can use to monitor for host app state changes:

Added NSExtensionHostDidBecomeActiveNotification
Added NSExtensionHostDidEnterBackgroundNotification
Added NSExtensionHostWillEnterForegroundNotification
Added NSExtensionHostWillResignActiveNotification

Erich writes:

I reached out to Apple about your File Coordinators point in this post and I was advised that the technical note was out-of-date, and as of 8.2 Beta 5, there are background/foreground methods for extensions, and File Coordination is recommended.

Great to hear. I look forward to rethinking these problems.

|  13 Mar 2015