Unread is Now a Supertop App

Supertop, the folks behind Castro — my favorite podcast app — are the new home for Unread, the RSS reader for iPhone and iPad that you have probably heard of by now. I am really happy for this news. Since I moved on to my new job at Bloglovin, Unread had become something akin to a beloved but grumpy family dog in a home with a fragile new baby. It’s better for everyone that Unread has moved on to a new home: better for me, for Supertop (obviously), and most of all for Unread’s users.

I’m proud of the work I put into Unread, and can’t wait to see what Supertop does with the foundation I laid down. Unread has the cleanest code I’ve ever written for a personal project, so I’m hopeful that it won’t be a burden for Oisin and Padraig to wander through it. The hardest part has been dealing with maddening App Store policies. You would not believe the hoops they’re having to jump through to try to migrate existing users to the new Supertop version. They’re working really hard to make it a great experience for everyone who is already an Unread customer.

|  11 Sep 2014