Introducing Friday App Design Reviews

Starting next Friday, I will be posting a new weekly feature here on this blog: Friday App Design Reviews. I’m really excited about this.

If you’re an independent iOS developer (like me), or your team is interested in an experienced outsider’s opinion, let me know about your app.1 Every week I’ll choose an interesting submission and share detailed, constructive criticism in the form of long blog post (like this one, but more detailed, and with screenshots).

If you’d prefer a formal, private design review I am available for that as well. I’ll charge you a fair price based on the scope of the project. Public blog post reviews are free of charge.

Either way, shoot me an email with the details about your app. I won’t be able to review every submission, so be sure to help me understand how your app will be interesting to other readers of this blog.

  1. You can submit someone else’s app, too, if it’s available for sale on the US App Store. 

|  11 Apr 2014