Free Kickstarter Idea: Inkjet Typewriter

About ten years ago I experimented with doing all my personal writing on a used electronic typewriter. Although the experiment was a success, it had one crippling drawback; ink ribbons were consumed much faster than I was expecting, and were hard to replace. Only certain stores carried them. It led me to wonder if a product like this could be possible:

An Inkjet Typewriter

What if instead of obsolete typewriter ribbons, you could refill your typewriter using generic ink jet cartridges? Imagine a slim keyboard, like the Apple Wireless Keyboard, with a carriage-roll portion along the back edge, housing an ink jet write head. It would lay down one letter at a time, with a soft whish. It would be thin and portable, perfect for writing anywhere. And since it uses inkjet cartridges, buying refills would be as easy as a quick walk to the drug store.

Perhaps you could have an alternate version that’s just the carriage roll, which would connect to any Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. Either way, if you see an LCD display, they blew it.

If anyone is so inclined to make this thing a reality, I’d happily consult on the project, free of charge, as long as I get one for myself.

|  10 Apr 2014