I’m happy to announce the first release of Overshare, an open-source, soup-to-nuts sharing library for iOS. I’ve been working on this with Justin Williams for the last month or two.

What is Overshare? It’s the answer to the pit I felt in my stomach when I contemplated writing sharing code all over again for Unread. Sharing is so common, and so important, yet there’s no library out there that covers both the easy and complex cases gracefully.

Overshare makes it trivial to add rich sharing options to your iOS apps. In a word, Overshare has everything:

Head on over to the Overshare GitHub account and check it out!

Overshare will be shipping in the 1.0 of Unread, and will likely find its way into Riposte and Whisper, too. If you’re so inclined, we’d love for you to test Overshare in your development apps and let us know how it goes.

|  31 Oct 2013