Is That It? — My First Short Story

I was reorganizing my Dropbox folders when I stumbled upon my first short story, Is That It?. I wrote it back in 2008. It suffers from numerous flaws, but I think it’s a pretty good effort from a guy who should have been going to bed on time for nursing school, instead of staying up late writing about pointless miracles. Read it all here (PDF). Here’s the first paragraph:

Five years ago today, Saul Zuero, now an obscure philosopher and former zoo janitor, then an obscure zoo janitor and former philosopher, discovered what was and remains the World’s Only Officially Documented Miracle. All doubts have been dispelled, all possible scientific explanations exhausted. All things being equal (and in spite of the fact that there is every indication that they are not), only one avenue of theoretical causation remains open: the Divine. It happened in Chicago, on a Tuesday.

Read the full story (PDF).

|  16 Jul 2013