Tony Gruenwald on Season 5 of Mad Men

My good pal Tony and I had a good email exchange about this season of Mad Men. I was getting worried that with all the strong flavors they were flirting with the shark. Tony thinks otherwise:

In the last ten years or so, good dramas are not considered good dramas unless they have an overreaching season long story arc. So now when we sit down to watch our favorite show, we are essentially reading a chapter of a novel. This is the intention of the showrunners, networks, and everyone involved with tv dramas nowadays. Failed novelists who know some actor buddies and a guy with a camera.

I say fuck that.

I’m getting sick of it.

This fifth season of Mad Men seems to be saying, fuck the novel, here’s some short stories. Good old fashioned episodic television with the same characters every week.

Because of that, because I don’t have to remember every single plot point and have to wonder how this is all going to tie in at the end, I’m really enjoying this season. Yeah there are some dumb things.

But this is not the show we started watching four seasons ago. It’s reflected in the show too. Things are changing. And I dig it.

If you don’t know who Tony is, head over here for more. Tony always has a refreshing opinion.

|  22 May 2012