OCTOBER 2020  |  I'm a huge Magic nerd, especially for the Commander format. There are a handful of life tracking apps out there for Commander players, but none of them suit my fancy. Moxtopper is, in this author’s liberal biased opinion, the absolute best app for tracking life totals and commander damage in Commander.


FEBRUARY 2018  |  A casual, cozy podcast player. Just tap a show, tap an episode, and listen. With no downloads to manage and an airy, streamlined design, ’sodes is the podcast app I always wanted but never found — so I made it myself.


MARCH 2017  |  If you’ve ever wanted an easier way to write a properly-threaded tweetstorm, Stormcrow can help. Type all your tweets into a single text view. Stormcrow will automatically separate your paragraphs into a thread of automatically-numbered tweets. Publish them all at once at the tap of a button. Spend less time futzing with reply buttons and counting tweets, and focus on what you’re trying to say.

Time Zones

SEPTEMBER 2014  |  A zippy, powerful, and free iPhone app for comparing time zones. Search for time zones in thousands of cities. Rename your most important locations. Use “Quick Check” mode to quickly look up a future date and time.

Unread for iPad

JUNE 2014  |  This is the iPad version of Unread, an RSS reader I make for iPhone. It has all the sharing features you’ve come to expect from the iPhone version, as well as the full set of syncing services: FeedWrangler, Feedly, NewsBlur, Feedbin, and Fever – all with a clean, distraction-free reading experience. During its development, I blogged regularly about the process of designing and building this app. See all the posts together at this link.

Unread has since been purchased by Supertop Golden Hill Software, its new new home.

Unread - An RSS Reader

FEBRUARY 2014  |  Rediscover the joy of reading your favorite writers with Unread, an RSS reader for iPhone. Unread will surprise and delight you in many ways, but that’s not important. What is important is that Unread will help you find a little peace each day through quiet, careful reading.

Unread has since been purchased by Supertop Golden Hill Software, its new new home.


OCTOBER 2013  |  OvershareKit is a soup-to-nuts, open-source sharing library for iOS. As I developed Unread, I dreaded having to write tons of sharing code all over again, so I teamed up with Justin Williams and solved the problem once and for all. In a word, OvershareKit does everything: sharing to Twitter,, and more; third-party account management including saving credentials to the Keychain; beautiful share sheets with full-color icons; customizable message compose screens with killer features like syntax highlighting as you type. Let us know if you’re using it in a project.

Whisper for

JUNE 2013  |  Fun group-messaging app made with Share big photos, your favorite restaurant, or your current location with one or more friends. Send hilarious sticker messages, too. I make this app together with Jamin Guy.

Riposte for

JANUARY 2013  |  Deceptively simple client. A full-screen view of your posts makes it relaxing to catch up on the day’s news. Navigate anywhere with just one thumb. Lots of pro features and customization options make this app a favorite among users. I make this app together with Jamin Guy.


FEBRUARY 2011  |  Whimsical medication reminder for iPhone and iPad. Scheduling reminders is as easy as dropping pills into a pillbox. Great for anyone who takes regular medication, whether it’s just one or two pills a day or dozens. Featured multiple times by Apple for its over-the-top fun design.