Open Letter to John Gruber About TheTalkShowGate 2012


As a longtime fan of yours, I first want to thank you for Daring Fireball. It has become the success that it is because of your high standards. You expect quality and professionalism from your own work and from the work of others, and it shows. When you discover errors, you are swift to correct them. You are quick to respond “I don’t know” when an answer isn’t clear, when many others might give in to bullshit.

I was disheartened by the way you handled the switch of The Talk Show from 5by5 to Mule Radio. I am a big fan of change. I would otherwise be excited to listen to your new show. However, the way the change was announced — suddenly, and without explanation — seemed antithetical to the professionalism you regularly demonstrate at Daring Fireball. Had you just included a brief comment like, “I know this is sudden, but the reasons for the change will remain private. Thanks for being our fans,” it would have been more in keeping with what appear to be your values.

Further, by keeping the name “The Talk Show,” you appear to imply that the show was your show, and that Dan was a second-class co-host. This scandalized me and many of your fans. We tuned in to listen to you both on so many Wednesday afternoons. It was the chemistry between the two of you that was so endearing. Not knowing the details of what actually transpired, we are left to conclude the worst about your intentions and your perception of Dan.

We don’t want to do that. We want to keep being inspired by you.

Thanks for raising the bar of online journalism. My best wishes to you and yours.

Warmest regards,


|  23 May 2012